Embracing the Luxury of Disconnecting from Technology: Tips for Going Offline

White spots and digital detox.

Eva Grape


Woman playing with her kid in the snow | AI-generated image by author.

As a busy woman in my mid-30s with a full-time job in IT and a side hustle as a writer, I know all too well the feeling of being constantly connected and on the go.

Getting caught up in the cycle of work, social media, and news updates are easy, leaving hardly any time to relax and be present in the moment.

During the winter holidays, I decided to take a break from it all and disconnect from technology. It was a luxury to be able to step away from the constant notifications and emails and be present with my family, learning some tips I’d like to share with you.

In this story, I will cover the following:

  • Simple ideas for spending your time offline.
  • Five steps to disconnect from technology.
  • What is FOMO, and how to manage it in the context of a digital detox?
  • What are white spots, and how can they help you during a digital detox?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious about disconnecting from technology, as I was, I encourage you to try it. It can be intimidating to remove yourself from the constant flow of information, but the benefits are worth it. In addition to recharging and improving mental health, disconnecting allows us to be present in the moment and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

When I first disconnected during the winter holidays, I was anxious about missing out on something important or falling behind on work. But I soon realized that taking a break from the online world would allow me to recharge and return to my tasks with renewed energy and focus.

As expected, disconnecting from technology positively impacted my mental health. Instead of constantly being bombarded with news and social media updates, I could relax and enjoy the present moment with my loved ones.

For me, this included the following:

  • I spent quality time with my family and loved ones, playing board games, watching movies, and cooking meals together.
  • I went for walks and a hike in a scenic snowy landscape.