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Writing under a pen-name is fabulous. You get to talk about everything that you won't speak about in real life and get money for it. Couldn’t ask for more!
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A morning like any other

There were several days in a row since we had our interactions on minimum. I don't even remember what he did to piss me off. Still, it was probably the usual suspect: ignoring his share of responsibility in parenting and leaving everything on me.

He runs. Actually, he gets on his bike and rides aimlessly.

So this morning, after he returned from the barber after quite some time, he was in a good mood. The poor guy was probably happy to finally trim his beard and regain some form of respectable 40-something-look. His self-confidence returned.

I, on the other hand…

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I could spend minutes in a row looking at a woman without even blinking. I like studying and appreciating whatever makes her unique. And, trust me, all women have something special worth discovering if you take your time to see it.

But does this mean that I like like women, as in being sexually attracted to them, or it’s instead a form of appreciation that stems from something different? In my case, after experiencing sex with a woman, I realized that the attraction I feel towards women is not sexual, even though my go-to fantasies were woman-on-women sex.

So, let’s…

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People in third-world countries suffer from undernutrition. It’s a fact — everybody knows that Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Haiti, Sudan, and Syria are among the worst hunger hotspots, and life-threatening hunger is on the rise.

However, what people don’t seem to get is that poverty doesn’t manifest solely as undernutrition. In fact, more and more people in western countries suffer from overnutrition, which is another form of malnutrition that we forget to associate with low economic means.

Malnutrition is, according to NHS, not a condition that you’ll only see in slender people. Here’s why:

Malnutrition is…

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For a large part of my adult sex life, I thought I might be a lesbian. I haven’t found pleasure in penetrative sex, and because I rarely turned my head after another man, I thought that must be it. Additionally, my go-to fantasies were 99% covered by lesbian sex, so I told myself multiple types: “Shit! I’m a lesbian undercover, living in a lie married to my husband”.

So, of course, I had to check. Life is short, and you don’t want to miss it wondering about things you can quickly check. So I checked.

Mommy issues

I’m a woman with “mommy…

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“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.”

Apparently, this saying doesn’t fly when it comes to Medium writers because we expect that the editors of our favorite publications are quick to catch our submissions, provide feedback, do editing work while also being kind and considerate so they don’t hurt our feelings.

And all these — yes, you guessed it right, for free.

If you haven’t heard yet, Medium is no longer supporting the publications financially. …

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How many times before implementing a new idea you took the time to run a minimum check that what you’re about to invest your efforts in isn’t already done by others? I bet many of you haven’t done it because your pride told you that there’s no way that someone else already ran the same idea in their heads, or worse, they did it to perfection.

I agree.

It’s an anxiety-producing thought to think for a second that your precious idea is not that new or innovative that you’d like to believe. Still, if you want your work to stand…

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The reality is that those who don’t really need therapy are the ones who usually get it because those who actually need it won’t accept that they might have issues.

When I told my husband to go for couples therapy, he told me in a lighthearted tone: but you’re already going for the both of us. Funnily enough, he wasn’t too far from the truth — I do get therapy for both of us, as well as for forgiving my mother and for being a better parent for my son.

It’s incredible how big of an impact only one family…

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After several therapy sessions, my therapist voiced her now-long observation that I don’t sit properly on the chair. In fact, she says, I give more space to my purse on the office chair than make room to sit comfortably, and I knew she was right as I was almost in danger of falling over; that’s how close on the chair edge I sat.

By this time, we already went through topics like fear of abandonment, attachment issues, and the messed up childhood that made me an insecure adult who doesn’t take too much space so she won’t get noticed.


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I was an addict as my entire identity revolved around work. I didn’t have a good hobby. I didn’t make time to work out, rest properly or grow as an individual outside of work. So when my son was born, my identity took a massive hit. I didn’t know who I was anymore because this person holding a baby while wearing nursing bras and pumping milk didn’t remind me of my old self.

I missed work for a while. Well, for many months, to be quite honest. After all, hiding behind work was my second nature. …

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As I was contemplating the topic of this story on a warm beach in Greece, I asked my husband why he thinks people accept emotional affairs far easier than physical ones, and his response surprised me.

But before we get any further, we need to get a shared understanding of what is an emotional affair, in my books, and why it’s worse than regular cheating.

The basics of an emotional affair — that special “someone.”

To begin with, “to get emotional with someone” involves sharing intimate thoughts with them knowing that they would understand and validate your feelings. …

Eva Grape

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