What can men do about it, and how can they benefit from it?

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I was writing a few weeks ago about how mothers like me are these exhausted human beings that are not interested in oral sex anymore, often seeing it as yet, another job.

My story drew a lot of attention, and many people looked frown upon me, men and women alike. So I read the comments. I nodded to some and rolled my eyes to many. …

A metaphor about dating, marriage, and relationships.

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What you’re about to read now is not a story about beauty products, even if it could be.

It was inspired by beauty products while massaging a sample face cream I got from my last visit to Sephora, which is why I decided to use it as a metaphor in a story about dating, marriage, and relationships.

Now, the smell of it and its texture, oh, it felt so damn good on my tired skin after a hectic day juggling with chores, duties, and tantrums.

This evening though, I got lucky; my son dutifully went to sleep without delaying the…

By using a pseudo-viral story as case-study

Half grapefruit fingered to support a story about sex and virality
Half grapefruit fingered to support a story about sex and virality
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Do you remember those days back in school when you had a difficult test, and you wished you could sneak in the teacher’s office and change your responses? I have a strange feeling of familiarity regarding that life phase whenever my story is chosen for distribution after making changes to the initially published piece. And you know why? Because it feels like cheating on your test, only this time nobody cares if they catch you.

If you want to learn how to “fix” your stories after publishing them, this story will walk you through some tricks I have experimented with…

Guilty as charged, myself included.

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I did a fair share of venting about my idiot husband during the past months. They kept me sane, brought an additional income, and helped me understand some of the reasons I am still in this marriage.

In essence, three instrumental tools helped me cope with the struggles of an unfulfilled relationship: writing, therapy, and my son’s daycare.

Against my expectation I’d be out by now, I decided to stay. …

And that was exactly the wake-up call I needed to break the cycle.

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There are for sure some strong statements you wouldn’t expect to hear before breakfast. And my mom served me one just before coffee.

“…but you know that’s how women are in our family. We always hated men”.

My mom vented about her partner over the phone while driving back from daycare to drop off my son for the day.

The interesting thing was that as unreasonable and difficult I’d see my mom at times, right there at that moment, I couldn’t agree more with her; still, the realization of it hit me like a train.

The most important women in my life were tough bitches.

We all regarded my grandmother

Advice you should read if you plan on writing a viral piece

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An intro that you can skip

I wrote two well-paid articles during May. According to my definition, one viral piece gathered over 3k views in one day, accounting for 14.6k views since its release, while the other decent one went just shy over 1k. Both of them are about sex.

There’s no news. Sex sells. It always had, and it always will — so don’t be shocked.

The reason I decided to write about oral sex and, later anal sex, was to experiment the freedom of writing under a pen name.

This topic is very different from what I normally write about or the reason for…

I agreed, and we bought a webcam and a lamp.

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I never discussed the adult live chat experience I had during college with anyone before — not even with my therapist, as I’m embarrassed to this day when I think about it. I need to understand why.

How and why I did it in the first place.

Thinking about this takes me down to memory lane, where more than ten years ago, I see a vulnerable young woman that is just trying to figure out life.

That woman was me.

If I could go back in time and I’d tell her that she’ll turn out just fine against the odds, she would probably feel more protected and safe. Unfortunately, I…

Working out the emotional labor of grieving for something you are about to lose

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I can do a lot of things and be as many. However, I find it extremely difficult to wean my son off the breast completely.

My son is over two years old, and he is still being nursed to sleep. My feeling is that my milk has dried out — or at least, most of it. However, my breasts offer him something else than nourishment, and that is emotional comfort. …

Because women like me won’t participate in the studies.

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Do you know why the science of anal sex is not exhaustive? It’s because women like me won’t participate in these studies.

Marriage is often falsely blamed for decreasing the quality and quantity of sex among partners, but that is not true. Or, at least, not entirely true.

Contrary to the popular belief that once they marry, women will no longer engage in fun and steamy sex, science tries to explain why married women feel more confident to engage in anal sex than their counterparts.

Much to my surprise, when I started looking into this subject, I found the topic covered by scientific journals as research. …

Career advancement can often be a trap in disguise

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About a month ago, my career was at a turning point and I could have taken the opportunity to move up the professional ladder. Yet, after contemplating several perspectives during what proved to be my hardest week at work in the past five years, I decided that I am better off.

Career advancement can often be a trap in disguise. A management role, a new title, and a 10% increase may be seductive to many, but not for me. Generally, my calculations go beyond the monetary value I get from monthly paychecks, and promotion, at this time, it would have…

Eva Grape

Writing under a pen-name is fabulous. You get to talk about everything that you won't speak about in real life and get money for it. Couldn’t ask for more!

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