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“There could never have been a better moment to have cancer.” — My therapist

A couple of weeks ago, my therapist told me that she has cancer. The news struck me. It wasn't easy to process, yet this wasn’t about me. It was about a person that helped me tremendously over the past months, and she needed me to be there for her, too.

When we met in her office, she was still pretty much in shock. She needed to vent, as she admitted — she needed to let it out. She only came to learn the other night that…

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Please raise your hand if you have ever used a friend to vent about your partner knowing and expecting that she’ll get you and empathize with you.

I’ll be the first one to confess that I did this for years. But was it really beneficial for my relationship? To a large extent, no. Those that I choose to share my pain with more often than not teamed up on my rage instead of calming me down or advising me to look it at from a different angle. And for a good reason, after all. That’s why we have friends —…

A chance to redesign your relationship with your real spouse

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The good ol’ office life

Do you remember that guy at work you used to have coffee with and couldn’t wait to share the latest news both from private and work life? Undoubtedly that was the one person that could actually understand all the office politics that bothered you so much. Your husband, even if he would have been the most empathic human being from the planet Earth couldn’t have understood all the ins and outs of corporate life as your work spouse did.

Do you remember those charged-up business meetings at the end of which you would take a well-deserved break to vent with…

Don’t invest the money you’re not willing to lose

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Hey, have you heard the news? Bitcoin is going south.

As of today, Bitcoin is going back to the price we were all used to. It was too good to be true and last too long. Also, everyone knows already cryptocurrencies can drastically fluctuate in price, making it an investment option not for the faint-hearted.

It only took Elon to complain the price is too high to make it level down and put it in its right place. In the end, let’s not overhype around it!

Our different financial contexts determine our resilience in times of uncertainty.

I am profane when it comes to cryptocurrency and investment, in general. However, I was always sensible with my money. Hence, I naturally followed…

What the f.. is happening with the bitcoin? The price is high he said…so it went down. Thanks, Elon!

Later edit:

Read about my husband’s badluck expetience with the Bitcoin here.

If a piece of news is important, then it will probably reach you sooner than later.

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We live in a world where even if we don’t want to learn the news, we’ll eventually find out what is happening around us. Unless we live under a rock, then important news will reach us. So, my question is: “If we willingly choose to stay away from the news, does this make us selfish, or is it actually self-care?”

When it comes to personal decisions, I have made my mind to stop watching TV almost a decade ago. While we now have two TVs in our household, we rarely use them for cable. …

Working from home doesn’t make parenting a toddler more comfortable.

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I had returned to work a year ago when my son was a little over a year because my boss insisted on and accepted my terms. Before the lockdown, my request was to work from home if I was to return from maternity leave earlier than I had initially planned out.

Looking back, my activity during the last year can barely be considered work since I had to adjust my work schedule around my son’s routine, making me somewhat unreliable for recurrent meetings. Granted, if it weren’t for my manager’s kindness, I couldn’t have possibly raised a child and worked…

The best career advice that I still hold on to these days

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I go by Eir around here, and I am known as the woman that writes about her messy relationship with her husband that apparently a lot of readers are interested in. Still, I sometimes like to believe that I am so much more than that, and it is stories like this that I put my faith in so that readers will begin to discover other angles of me, which will make me justice as a writer.

So here goes a personal career story with a piece of takeaway advice.

Books, alone, won’t cut it.

Back in 2010, I got my first job in middle management…

A Valentine’s Day essay That I would never read to you.

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I’ve been with you for more than 15 years, and I never cheated on you while I had both the opportunities to do it and the motives.

For most of our relationship, we weren’t even married, and if it weren’t for me wanting a family, we would have probably been in the same state as of now.

Additionally, you weren’t involved emotionally in our relationship. You treated it transactionally, avoiding any complexity layer by exposing yourself emotionally, and while I always felt that something was way off, I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I’d wish you’d know that I…

I’m asking any guy here if he’d do the same.

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When I think about it, it seems like it was another life, now that I’m a mother living through a pandemic. Who in their right mind would do this today? Not me, for sure.

And that’s particularly why I am happy I did it back then, even if it cost me a friend. Still, I’m left with a sour taste after this experience because I never thought a guy would hold the grudges for something like this, even several years since after. It beats me because I still can’t understand why.

But a bit of context, first.

When life is simple, why not complicate it?

I met this…

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