What helps mediocre people succeed in life?

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Newsflash: I am a mediocre person. I know smarter and better-looking people than myself, but then there are also those we could consider less smart and not that good looking, too. I know very well my place, which was instrumental in becoming successful as a mediocre person and doing better than people who are, perhaps, more competent than me.

My husband is one good example of a competent, brilliant individual, lazy as a sloth, who could not be bothered by doing more than the bare minimum to have a decent life. On the other side, his good friend, who is…

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Designed by and for Working Moms

Working moms are heroes. Not that I’m one myself, but I can finally understand my former colleagues who had to navigate multiple roles at home and professionally.

The struggles multiply when you have to juggle with so many things daily, and as a result, the stories and the life lessons one can experiment and learn from are plenty.

I have created this publication mainly for myself, but I don’t want to restrict it. I believe it can become an amazing platform for building a community of working mothers worldwide that share similar issues and joys.

The Guidelines are simple, at…

Working Mom | Household duties | Priorities

Spring cleaning can wait. I’m prioritizing my needs now and household duties are not among them.

In life, some things gotta give. We can’t have it all. I mean, no one can stop us from trying. And while we could even succeed at it, the success might come with a huge price as a cost, which is often our mental health.

So if we want to prioritize our mental health, which is critical, we should learn to compromise.

As I write, I burnt the food (again) while creating a Google form, sending several emails to follow-up, and reading the REST API documentation for a system involved in process automation. My house is a mess. …

I’m painting my picture

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Funny thing first

It is my second time around here, and for a good reason. I had to kill my old persona because I almost blew up my anonymity by joining a videoconferencing from the Google account I generally used for my writing.

I realized in a split second the colossal mistake I made and quickly jumped out, leaving my colleagues wondering for a moment who was that person who joined their meeting only to leave it as suddenly.

My knee-jerk reaction was to do something. I couldn’t just sit and hope that my peers will not search the name and find my…

Binging on self-help was never easier than now.

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I admit that I almost OD-ed on self-help books. I was a diligent reader of any books or materials in the self-help spectrum, and books were my number one choice of calming my nerves and anxiety in times of stress. I consumed so much of the genre that, at some point, I became skeptical about most of it.

According to Personal Development Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Instrument, “The global personal development market size was valued at USD 38.28 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1% from…


And it’s a challenging transformation process.

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I never knew my father. Because I grew up fatherless, it was challenging to grasp that daughters naturally integrate the father figure into their identity during their formative years. Still, I was curious to learn, even theoretically, how a father and husband would behave in a family set-up, hoping that one day, I’ll mature and have one of my own.

I looked around at my friends and studied their fathers. I analyzed the husbands and fathers from moving pictures, and I often imagined how it would have been to grow into a normal family. …

The battle of attachment styles

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I’m in my mid-30s, and I can finally feel that I’m “there.” Struggles and insecurities defined my entire 20s, so why would I like to go back to those days? I’m good now. Still, it’s worth going down memory lane every once in a while so we don’t forget how amazingly adaptable we are as human beings.

I met my husband as a young adult. There is a balanced age gap between us; however, it was not the age that made us so different. …

This story may sound like a parody. Any resemblance with real persons is probably correct.

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When I'm browsing on social media, I feel like an old lady because I confess that I often roll my eyes when I read platitudes aimed as inspirational bits. When I look at the number of likes or reactions those postings are getting, I realize that people are suckers for easy messages on the brain.

The King serves for demand, and he’s thriving due to the commons. What’s the mechanism? I wanted to see for myself so I took a closer look.

A definition first.

platitude /ˈplatɪtjuːd/ noun. Plural noun: platitudes

  1. a remark or statement, especially one with a moral…

And why you shouldn’t either.

When I started writing, I decided to use a pen-name to keep this area of my life private and personal. This meant that I created an online persona from scratch. My former pseudonym never existed before November 2020, and it’s safe to say that neither this current one (although I didn’t put much thought into it while in a panic mode).

Using a pen-name pushed me to rely 100% on the readers and my writing skills to build an audience.

Several groups on Facebook helped create a community around writers and content creators on Medium, which could be seen as…


Studying life’s phase with each running session

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I don’t particularly enjoy running. Not every time, at least. Heck, if I’m honest, I’d better hang out in front of a book or cooking something yum. But those, alone, wouldn’t do me any good in the long run (pun intended).

So I choose to run, even if I don’t like it, because in life we shouldn't do only the things that we like, which are often easy and provide immediate gratification. Instead, we should do more of the things that delay the gratification for sustainable results, which obviously are less appealing.

In a nutshell, as we mature and we…

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